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Digital logistics of online orders and the largest aggregator of delivery points in online retail.

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Development of a mobile application for the car wash management platform . The main functionality of the application includes control of the service and employees, the volume of customers and profits, as well as convenient automated management of operating points of the company.

A convenient and fast authorization and registration system has been developed. A security system has been developed so that managers can independently control the registration of their employees and prevent secret «spies» from entering the system.

The application helps to control the quality of the services provided. Generates detailed reports in real time, the application allows users to track profits and easily calculate revenue thanks to convenient navigation and reporting system.

The application serves as an employer’s tool for monitoring the quality of their workforce and monitoring its activities. Integrated with the system The application allows employers to track which employee has provided a specific service using individual employee dashboards. It also facilitates the calculation of employee salaries and measures the conversion rates generated by managers when they interact with customers.

The application includes a user-friendly training system for people in any role from the moment it is launched, demonstrating all the features and benefits of the application. The training system helps senior managers spend less time instructing new employees on how to use the app. This helps to optimize work processes for qualified personnel.

The management system is designed not only for employees, but also for customers – a system that helps potential customers enter their information, check available time intervals, plan services and track discounts through the implementation of a loyalty card. | Cleaning service in Dubai | Website + Bot

Website for the company Cleaning company is located in Dubai and provides premium cleaning services for its valued customers.

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